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    Healthy Heart Rate
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    Share your PULSE or keep it private.
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    Heart Rate Training Zones with Healthy Heart Rate


Learn more about this feature packed App

Take pulse

Where and when you want.

Share on Facebook

Your Heart Rate value or keep it secret.

Manage History

Through local storage.

Find out your Personal Heart Rate Training Zones

And know your perfect Heart Rate for hiking.

Personalize interface

by filling out your profile or setting timer.

And much more!

Ask for new feature here.


Read What's The People Are Saying About Us

Rémy Coutable Photo

“Awesome! It's a joy to use, perfect to check my heart rate throughout the day.”

- Rémy Coutable

Patrick Ripoll Photo

“A simple, fast and efficient application. Healthy Heart Rate is essential to check my heart rate after sport.”

- Patrick Ripoll


See what’s included in the App

Take your pulse with Healthy Heart Rate

Take Pulse

Get Heart Rate value with Healthy Heart Rate

Get Heart Rate value

See your Heart Rate history

See your history

Compare with Heart Rate Training Zones

Compare with Heart Rate Training Zones

See Heart Rate value with Healthy Heart Rate

See Heart Rate value in details

Share on Facebook with Heakthy Heart Rate

Share your Heart Rate value on FB

Delete some Heart Rate value

Delete Heart Rate value

Set your profile with Healthy Heart Rate

Personalize your Profile

Setting timer

Set Timer


Take a closer look in more detail

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Get started!

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